CSR strategy

In line with the Group’s expanding global presence and the Group’s global subsidiary governance framework, in FY 2022 we developed a new and updated corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy and strategy. The new strategy encompasses five key guiding ESG criteria, of which all CSR activities are required to meet at least two: environment, social opportunity, community, diversity and inclusion and industry. The new model represents the Group’s growing global focus and continued ambitions to put CSR at the heart of our business model. These criteria are underpinned by our corporate core values and principles: customers; people; diversity; innovation; excellence; and responsibility.

Whilst our fundamental approach remains unchanged, our new model takes a wider approach encompassing and linking together our five pillars: community; social opportunities; diversity and inclusion; industry; and environmental.

  • Community: Committed to strengthening and maintaining relations and being actively involved in the local regions where we operate, creating mutual synergies for both our business and our communities
  • Social opportunities: Committed to demonstrating our understanding of social responsibility in the context of wider systemic inequalities, we strive to improve social mobility, supported by our belief that, irrespective of their background, talent and drive should be the only factors influencing an individual’s development opportunities and outcomes
  • Diversity and inclusion: Committed to the promotion of diversity within the STEM environment and within the armed forces, acknowledging that the best results come from a diverse workforce
  • Industry: Recognising the value of partnerships with our customers and communities to increase awareness of the Group
  • Environmental: Committed to actively seeking ways to reduce our environmental impact, through linkage with both industry and communities. Adding environmental to our new strategy demonstrates our aim to become an integral player within the communities and environments in which we operate
Corporate Social Responsibility

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