23 November, 2021
ABD Solutions demonstrates defence vehicle automation
The demonstration was designed to introduce various new technologies to members of Defence Equipment & Support, the British Army and the UK Ministry of Defence.
11 November, 2021
LaunchPad 80 VRU platform released
On Thursday AB Dynamics launched the LaunchPad 80, our latest vulnerable road user (VRU) test platform.
17 May, 2021
Minter Testing Facility Expansion
The expansion of the DRI Minter Field Testing Facility expansion has been completed, adding space for additional testing types and space for simultaneous testing.
4 March, 2021
Acquisition of the VadoTech Group
AB Dynamics plc is pleased to announce that it has completed the acquisition of Vadotech Pte Ltd and Zynit Pte Ltd (collectively "Vadotech Group").
24 November, 2020
AB Dynamics announces new steering robot model
AB Dynamics has launched its most flexible and versatile steering robot model to date.
4 November, 2020
New approach to simulation set to revolutionise AV development
rFpro, has developed a means to slash the hardware costs associated with large-scale simulation.
5 October, 2020
AB Dynamics launches world’s fastest self-propelled soft target
AB Dynamics has launched a new Guided Soft Target vehicle, the GST 120, capable of safe testing at highway speeds up to 120km/h. The GST 120 brings a new level of performance to the company’s portfolio of ADAS test systems, incorporating ABS braking and the latest version of its sophisticated control software.
30 July, 2020
AB Dynamics launches class-leading static driving simulator
The aVDS-S static driving simulator brings unprecedented levels of driver immersion to this sector of the market and enhances AB Dynamics’ growing portfolio of testing solutions
10 October, 2019
AB Dynamics wins Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Anthony Best
AB Dynamics has won Entrepreneur of the Year Award for Anthony Best at the 2019 AIM Awards.
7 September, 2019
Acquisition of Dynamic Research Incorporated
AB Dynamics has acquired Dynamic Research Incorporated (DRI) – a leading supplier of automotive engineering products and services based in California, USA.
3 September, 2019
AB Dynamics opens USA office
AB Dynamics has opened an office in the city of Wixom near Detroit, Michigan, USA – a region at the centre of the US automotive industry where the biggest three manufacturers are headquartered.
7 August, 2019
AB Dynamics announces the opening of a Japanese office
AB Dynamics is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Japan, one of the major markets for its automotive testing products.
10 July, 2019
Alfa Romeo Racing acquires aVDS DiL simulator
AB Dynamics will supply its advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) to Formula OneTM team Alfa Romeo Racing. The aVDS driver-in-the loop (DiL) simulator will be used for race car development and performance optimisation.
4 July, 2019
Acquisition of simulation software specialist rFpro
AB Dynamics (ABDP), has acquired the simulation software specialist rFpro which strengthens the company’s position in the simulation-based verification market for ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and autonomous vehicles.
27 February, 2019
Robot number 1000 delivered to the American Center for Mobility
In a major milestone, AB Dynamics has delivered its 1000th robot system to the American Center for Mobility (ACM) based in Michigan, USA - a national facility for connected and automated vehicle (CAV) research, testing, product development, validation and certification.

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