We accelerate our customers’ drive towards net zero emissions, improving road safety and the automation of vehicle applications through leadership and innovation in engineering and technology.

We are one of the world’s most trusted global suppliers of automotive test and verification products and solutions, playing a key role in ensuring the safe and responsible development of active safety and autonomous systems.

We develop and manufacture products and systems for use in track testing, laboratory testing and simulation. Track testing products and services are used in the test and evaluation of ADAS, autonomous vehicle technology and vehicle dynamics. Laboratory testing products and services test dynamic characteristics, simulate vehicle dynamics and evaluate the performance of active safety systems across conventional vehicles, motorsport and autonomy.

We sell directly to customers, predominantly through our UK operation but more recently through our own international sales offices in Germany, the USA and Japan. We also have indirect routes to market through an international network of distributors and representatives.

Key inputs

Product and technology leadership

Our innovative product development and
significant intellectual property ensure
cutting-edge products are available for every application across the markets we serve.

Supplier relationships

We work closely with our suppliers and take the steps necessary to ensure their performance meets our expectations.

Customer relationships

Long-term relationships with all major
automotive OEMs and test facilities enable us to provide support tailored to their needs and also assist in early identification of trends.

Global reach

We have international routes to market, with direct sales and support offices in key territories to facilitate growth and support our customers. We use distribution and representatives in other locations to expand our reach.

Talented workforce

Our highly skilled employees operate in niche capability areas. Our engineers and customer support teams work closely with our customers, supporting their requirements.

Our purpose

We accelerate our customers’ drive towards net zero emissions, improving
road safety and the automation of vehicle applications through leadership and innovation in engineering and technology.

Sustainable Growth

Building a broader-based business to drive sustainable growth

Our business

1. Track testing

Track testing products and services are used for the test and verification of ADAS, autonomous systems and vehicle dynamics. Vehicles and ADAS platforms, such as the GST and LaunchPad, are controlled using complex control software for accurate control and synchronisation of multiple test objects.

This enables our customers to conduct complex, multi-object test scenarios with a simple-to-use software interface to satisfy internal or external regulatory test requirements.

The Group also provides test services including the provision of ADAS and vehicle dynamics tests through a comprehensive test facility based in California, USA and on-road testing services, with operations in China and Germany.

2. Laboratory testing and simulation

Laboratory testing and simulation includes products relating to simulation, noise and vibration and the assessment of kinematics and compliance in vehicles; and simulation software. These products are used to evaluate vehicle dynamics, noise, vibration and harshness and autonomy across a wide range of applications including conventional vehicles, motorsport and automated/autonomous vehicles.

Our simulator products along with our market-leading physics-based simulation software reduce new vehicle development timescales and costs by allowing meaningful testing earlier in the development process.

The value we create


We provide innovative solutions tailored to customers’ specific needs.


Through the execution of our strategy
we grow the value of our shareholders’
investment over time.


We are committed to providing a safe
and rewarding working environment.


We engage positively with our local
communities and offer support through
charitable giving and volunteering.


We work closely with our suppliers,
with a reputation for integrity and
ethical behaviour.


We are fully committed to reducing our own environmental impact by lowering our energy consumption, and helping our customers drive towards net zero emissions.

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