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Track testing products and services

Track testing products are used for the test and verification of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), autonomous systems and vehicle dynamics. Test vehicles and ADAS platforms, such as the Guided Soft Target (GST) and LaunchPad, are controlled using complex control software for accurate control and synchronisation of multiple test objects.

This enables our customers to conduct complex, multi-object test scenarios with a simple-to-use software interface to satisfy internal or external regulatory test requirements.

The Group also provides testing services including the provision of ADAS and vehicle dynamics tests through a comprehensive test facility based in California, USA. Following the acquisition of VadoTech, the Group also offers on-road testing services, with operations in China and Japan.

Test track services

Proving ground automation

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing and simulation includes products relating to simulation, noise and vibration and the assessment of kinematics and compliance in vehicles; and simulation software.

These products are used to evaluate vehicle dynamics, noise, vibration and harshness and ADAS across a wide range of applications including conventional vehicles, motorsport and automated vehicles.

Laboratory testing products


Our simulator products along with our market-leading physics based simulation software reduce new vehicle development timescales by allowing meaningful testing earlier in the development process. The use of simulation reduces new vehicle development timescales by allowing meaningful evaluation earlier in the development process.

Driving simulators

Simulation software

Human factor studies and simulation

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