The Group is committed to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships, recognising its obligations, towards the parties with whom the Group has business dealings including customers, shareholders, suppliers and advisors.

Whilst the interactions with shareholders are wholly managed by AB Dynamics plc, our communications and relationships with customers, suppliers, and advisors are managed within each subsidiary by senior management and the Group expects a high standard of expertise and business principles to be maintained in such dealings.

The Group has a strict Share Dealing Policy which is circulated to all individuals who qualify for share options. The policy covers insider trading/inside information, the AIM Rules and Market Abuse Regulations which apply to the company and the individuals. Employees are asked to sign to demonstrate their acceptance of these terms. Furthermore, in accordance with the Market Abuse Regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority, employees are required to seek the approval of the Chief Executive Officer or Group Company Secretary before dealing in its shares.

The Group’s current policy towards suppliers is that each operating business is responsible for negotiating the terms and conditions under which they trade with their suppliers. Group companies are responsible for agreeing payment terms with their suppliers and contractors when they enter into binding contracts for the supply of goods and/or services. Each Supplier is aware of and wholly agrees to these terms prior to contract. Group companies seek to abide by these payment terms so long as they are satisfied that the supplier has provided the goods or services in accordance with the agreed terms and conditions.

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